Updates from Rome (Covid and Green Pass)

Updates from Rome (Covid and Green Pass)

Rules are changing often in response to the numbers of the contagion (now 5000/6000 cases per day).
At the moment (September 2021) the 70% of the people living in Lazio (the area where is Rome) is fully vaccinated.

But numbers are really different in other cities, and travelling in Italy you’ll notice areas with more restrictions or less attention for the mask mandate.

It is still mandatory to wear a facemask in indoor spaces.
To access specific indoor public places, events and gatherings, you’d need to hold the EU Digital COVID certificate or a certification of at least one dose of vaccine or have tested negative for a molecular or antigenic test.

This certificate is called “Green Pass” and it’s requested at the entrance of museums, archaeological sites including the Colosseum and Vatican Museums.

You can show the certification issued by your country, so for ex the travellers from Usa can use without problems the CDC vaccine card.

Travelling in those days in complicated indeed, but those rules were created to avoid new closures, so let’s have some patience!

Feel free to ask me details! If you’re not vaccinated you can always go to a local pharmacy to be tested, in order to be allowed inside the Roman Museums.

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