Rome Archaeological & Cultural Tours

Thank you, Marisa, for a spectacular day on the Palatine hill and Forum Romanum. It was absolutely amazing to immerse ourselves in so many archeological and historical details of the sites. Also giving a great understanding of the process of the excavations. The tour was excactly what we hoped for; slow paced with a lot of valuable information and time to understand so much more than we have done on our other visits to the sites. We recommend Marisa to anybody who wants to have an indepth talk and tour.

Carita H.,

Marisa was a fantastic host during our day with her. She was kind, observant and extremely knowledgeable about everything that we saw with her. She added rich flavor depth to our time in Rome.

Gregory L.,

On our trip we had approximately 12 tours from different companies and guides. Marissa was by far the best! Not only is she very knowledgeable but is able to relate the information in a easy to follow method. She took time to answer questions and engage in discussions with us as well. Marissa has the background of an archeologist and it shows.

Richard H.,

We have hired numerous private guides over our twenty-years of traveling. Marisa is right up there with the best-of-the-best. When we return to Rome, we will definitely hire Marisa again. Her knowledge is extensive. As an official Vatican guide, her connections are widespread. And most importantly, her personality is wonderful and made our three days with her extremely pleasant. We highly recommend Marisa to anyone looking for a well-rounded tour of Rome.

Stewart R.,

Marisa Ficorella knows the Vatican intimately. She has Vatican certification & years of experience. It would have been impossible for us (2) to navigate the vast area and the crowds. Marisa showed us all the highlights but also gave us a historical perspective of the Vatican as a whole. Marisa knows about all the treasures and all the fascinating details that only a guide with her knowledge can share. It was the best possible way to experience Vatican City

Aida I.,

As we had only one day in Rome and wanted more than to just "see" the Forum and Colosseum we booked the "Imperial Rome-Full Day Tour" with Marisa. We found that Marisa is much more than a professional tour guide and a specialist in Roman Archaeology. Marisa is a passionate and all knowledgeable native of Rome. I could go on at length detailing the ancient historical history she shared but just as interesting were her insights on the impacts of ancient Roman customs and culture on modern Rome.

Mike N.,

We loved our tour with Marisa in Rome. Our private tour for 4 tour included Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum. Marisa is very knowledgeable about each location's history, architecture, art, and more. We liked the fact that she had some images to show us that helped explain points she was making about the past. We would 100% book Marisa again if we manage to make it back to Rome!

Maia S.,

Marisa did a superb job. She was on time and ready to get started even throughout the rain. She was very knowledgeable, personable and funny. We enjoyed her tour very much. She was very flexible with her schedule and always answered all of our questions with enthusiasm. She treated us like family and made us feel welcome in her hometown of Rome. She is an excellent tour guide and we recommend her highly!

Carl W. ,

Marisa is a fabulous guide, and her extensive knowledge brought the ancient sites of Rome alive for me. She was extremely accommodating and went the extra mile to make sure I had what I needed. Rome would not have been as meaningful if I had visited the sites without Marisa, and I highly recommend her to anyone who cares about the history of this important city.

Sally ,

Amazing insight into the ancient Roman Forum as well as the Colosseum. It was wonderful to have an archaeologist give her in depth knowledge of both of these must-see Roman wonders. Wonderful tour.

Ryan H.,

Marisa took my family and me to the Palatine Hill and the Forum. It exceeded my expectations -- she went out of her way to make sure we got to see Augustus's house, and throughout, her enthusiasm, deep knowledge, and ability to make historical connections was, well, spell-binding. Three hours flew. Even my husband (who does not usually like guided tours) and my grown-up son (jet-lagged and recovering from the flu) raved about it for the rest of the day, and expressed interest in another tour with Marisa.

Karen J.,