Vatican Tours on hiatus

Vatican Tours on hiatus

“Why I do not see Vatican Tours on your website?” this is a very common question I am getting from my clients…

here my reply

Since 2024 the early Vatican Museums tours and the early admission with breakfast will be discontinued. As the night openings.

I know, those special tours were the most requested and honestly the only decent way to visit the Vatican Museums, especially during the summer.

Visiting the Museums at 7.30 am /8.30 am was the only way to beat crowds and see the Sistine Chapel not empty, but at least not too busy.

But the Vatican Museums has decided to interrupt any early entrance or evening visit, so the museums will opens at 8 am for ALL (no special reservations available, not even for tour groups)

It’s a decision quite hard to understand.

Beside my freelance activity, I’m a Vatican Tour guide, means I’ll be working at the museums twice a week for their groups.

I’ll be able to let you know how the new schedule is working, but for the moment I’m not going to promote/suggest the Vatican, especially if you’re coming in May/June/July

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