4. Underground Rome (Classic)

There is another Rome, just underneath our busy streets and far from the crowd that usually you meet in the Colosseum.
We call this hidden city the “Underground Rome”: ruins of ancient houses, baths, temples discovered underneath the asphalt of the modern Rome.
Thanks to my experience of archaeologist, I’ll help you understanding the different layers left by centuries of urbanization.

In this itinerary we’ll explore the classic underground sites, nearby the Colosseum and easy to access: Saint Clemente and the Roman Houses.
Underneath the charming Basilica of the XIIth century, I’ll guide you through 2 levels of chambers where you see remains of a IVth century church and an Ancient Roman district .
We’ll continue our tour in the Roman Houses on Caelian Hill, an ancient insula (apartment building) with frescoes of IIIrd century AD.


  1. meet your guide at the entrance of the Basilica of Saint Clemente
  2. private tour of the Underground levels with prebooked tickets
  3. short walk to reach the Roman Houses of the Caelian Hill
  4. private tour of the Roman Houses


2.30/3 hours

timing may change depending from your level of interest and walking pace

What’s included:

private guide service

Not included:

Admission tickets

Tour Price: 210€