About Me

I was born in Rome and I love to walk around and discover my city since I was a teenager. The love for Rome is the reason why I've studied Classical Archaeology at University of Rome. I've dug for a long period as a archaeologist in the Roman Forum, my second house ;)

I attended the Specialisation School in Archaeological Heritage, an Italian post-degree diploma, and in the meanwhile I started studying to fulfill my dream, becoming an professional tourist guide with a regular certification. . . basically to do what I love (walking around Rome) as a job!

Finally, in the 2009, I've passed the examination, published by the Provincia di Roma (Roman Provincial Administration): now I'm a qualified tourist guide of Rome and a Museum Educator at the Vatican. So I'm 100% certified guide, and this is my full-time job.

As an Archaeologist, my specialty is the Roman History and Ancient Architecture.
I love to share my knowdlege and passion, my guided tours are suggested for history lovers. Each tour is a journey through the ages to discover the history of the Roman Empire and its majestic shrines, with me as your guide, ready to reply to all your questions.
If you love history, walking and gelato. . I'm the perfect guide for you!

QUALITY is my keyword, a tour with me is often described by clients as an "educational and funny experience".

In addition to my credentials, I'm an open-minded, patient and friendly girl.
I like to consider myself not just a tourist guide, but a PERSONAL tourist guide because my clients are travellers, friends to help and to welcome. . not only a number in the big crowd of tourists.

With me as your personal tourist guide, you'll have an historian and expert at your service, but especially a Roman friend: we'll discover together famous sites but even local traditions, culture and food (gelato especially!).

Proud to be a qualified guide of Rome


*Bachelor’s Degree”Cum laude” in Classical Archaeology
*Specialist in Archeological heritage
*Qualified TOURIST GUIDE (Rome)
*Museum Educator and Official TOURIST GUIDE (Vatican City)

In Rome to work as a Tourist Guide you need a badge/certification

Touring without this badge it's ILLEGAL!

If during your tour, your guide is stopped by police because she/he is unauthorized, you'll waste money&time.

So be sure to hire only a Professional&Qualified guide, you’ll have a better service and a guarantee of legality.