Underground Rome Tour

Underground Rome Tour


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Basilica of S. Clemente & Roman Houses on Celian Hill

There is another Rome, just underneath our busy streets and far from the crowds that usually you meet in the Colosseum.
We call this hidden city the “Underground Rome”: ruins of ancient houses, baths, temples discovered by chance underneath a church or a plaza of the modern Rome.
The perfect way to understand Rome is to visit the Basilica of St. Clemente.
Underneath a charming Basilica of the XIIth century, I’ll guide you through 2 levels of chambers where you see remains of a IVth century church and an Ancient Roman district (Ist century A. D. ).
We’ll continue our tour in the Roman Houses on Caelian Hill, an ancient insula (apartment building) with rare Ancient Roman frescoes (III A. D.)

  • Departure
    I'll meet you in front of a small restaurant "I Clementini" (Via di S.Giovanni in Laterano 106)
  • Dress Code
    Please dress properly (no naked shoulders and knees) since we'll be entering into a working church

Basilica of S. Clemente and its underground levels


Roman Houses on Celian Hill

  • Tour is indoor.  We'll be outside only for the short walk between the Church and the Houses (15 minutes). We'll use raincoats and umbrella.
  • This tour does NOT includes a visit to the Catacombs (Early-Christian underground graveyards)
  • St.Clemente Basilica underground monuments is not accessible for visitors with movement disabilities or walking issues. Too many steep steps and no lifts. The Roman Houses on Caelian Hill is partially accessible.
  • Admission tickets are not included. You can pay directly at the entrance of archaeological sites. It's 10€ a head for the St.Clemente Basilica (credit cards are accepted) and 8€ for the Roman Houses (cash only).