Capitoline Museums

Capitoline Museums


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Capitoline Museums, the first museum of the world

In the Ancient Rome, on the top of the Capitoline Hill there was a very important building: the temple dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus.

Today on the same spot, there is the City Hall and the Capitoline Museums, probably the oldest in the world (1471).
Walking across galleries and frescoed rooms, you’ll discover myths and history of Rome and some famous and meaningful ancient sculptures of the Roman tradition.

I’ll show you fragments from a colossal marble  of Constantine, the giant statue called “Marforio”, the mysterious and amazing Lupa (she-wolf, now the symbol of Rome)
and the original bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius, one of the most loved Roman Emperors.

We’ll visit even an underground section with the ruins of the Tabularium (the archive) and here from a terrace you’ll enjoy an unforgettable view of the Roman Forum.

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    at the "Marcus Aurelius" statue, Piazza del Campidoglio

Piazza del Campidoglio


Capitoline Museums (Palazzo dei Conservatori)




Capitoline Museums (Palazzo Nuovo)