The pleasure of planning a travel

How much do you read before a trip?
Do you spend time studying a guidebook or exploring internet to know more about your destination?
I do a lot of reading, since I think it's part of the pleasure of travelling.
It's a taste of the future joy of visiting a new place.
I've just been to Paris, for the fourth time.
But I spent weeks reading more, to know what to expect, about the weather, the crowds and so on.
I like to plan ahead, but even to be flexible. 

So I had a list of sights to visit, but I was more than happy to shorten my list to enjoy a nice lunch in Montmartre. 

During my tours, I meet two kind of clients: travellers and tourists.
The traveller is the Explorer, a curious visitor that hire the guide to learn and he is very interested in discovering art or history.
He picks the guide and the tour after a long research, and he knows what to skip/what to avoid, he likes to go off the grid. 
A tourist instead books a tour and never invests 5 seconds in reading not even a guidebook about Rome, or the itinerary from their travel agent (or from the guide!).  
A friend told them to book the Vatican tour, but he is not aware of the itinerary, duration, sights included.
He is not interested in History, but he want to visit the Colosseum since it's a "must-see".
When you plan a travel in Rome, remember that  you do not have to SEE everything, you have to CHOOSE what is interesting for you and fits with your style of travelling.

Do you feel bored to death vising a Museum? I'd skip the Vatican.
Do you prefer visiting an archaeological site or doing a food tour?
You can spend a month in Rome, visiting only off the beaten path sites.
Don't feel guilty, you can visit Rome without visiting the Sistine Chapel, if a big museum is not your cup of tea..and if you hates crowds.
So ask yourself, what are your interests and choose your itinerary consequently.
So when the first question is "ok, so what is the schedule for today?" I feel sorry for my clients. This is not travelling. Be a traveller, not a tourist.