Live (and eat!) like a local in Rome


I always start my working day in Rome with a good espresso, the short and strong italian coffee, that I quickly sip at home or the counter of one of the Roman coffee bars.

Before starting a walking tour in the centre, I love to enjoy the “best espresso in Rome” at Caffè Tazza d'Oro placed close the Pantheon. No sugar or milk of course!


Enjoy the amazing view of the Roman Forum from the top of the Capitoline Hill. From the terrace you can admire the Temple of Saturn, the Arch of Septimus Severus and many other incredible remains. Perfect location for the first photo of your holiday...and it's free ;)


There are several little jems in Rome, but my favourite is the Rococo square of St.Ignazio, with the namesake Church. The Church is dedicated to the founder of the Jesuit order and hosts an amazing ceiling frescoed by Andrea del Pozzo, with figures painted with an incredible angle, quite a 3D illusion.


A typical roman dish, the Jewish Artichokes! This recipe was created by Roman Jews but nowadays it is part of the tradition of the city. If you want to try the best fried artichokes, go to the Jewish Ghetto, a suggestive district just behind the Theatre of Marcellus. You can taste it dining in traditional Roman-Kosher restaurants like Nonna Betta, located in the area of the Portico of Octavia.


Discover fresh and local food in the Farmer's market, just a few minutes walk from the Circus Maximus. Every Saturday and Sunday, Roman farmers arrive from the countryside to sell their products directly to the people. Farmers are so smiling and nice that they give you free samples of cheese, salami, bread and even wine. Go grocery shopping like a local!


We consider Rome like an open-air museum, so Romans always find the time to enjoy the atmosphere of a charming corner during their walks. Get lost in the lovely district of Trastevere. We choose Trastevere to have a glass of wine or a pizza with friends or (on summer nights) just for a nice walk. So you can go there and feel like a local, running away from “gladiators” and other tourist traps.


If you want to act like a Roman, when in Rome never order a cappuccino after noon. You will be immediately recognized as a tourist. For Romans, cappuccino is a really creamy and caloric bomb mostly chosen as a breakfast/midmorning beverage and we love to enjoy it together with a "cornetto", the italian word for croissant. In the afternoon better to have a hot chocolate instead.

The original version of this post was written originally in the 2013 

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