Marisa Ficorella, Archaeologist and Qualified Guide

If you're in love with Renaissance Art, choose this tour to explore in detail the Collections of the Pope, going beyond the Sistine Chapel(good stamina requested!)

Not only we'll admire masterpieces of Ancient Art and incredible galleries, but in addition you'll visit the apartment of the Pope Giulius II, frescoed by Raphael (Rooms of Raphael).

In those rooms, you'll see the iconic fresco “school of Athens”, considered the simbol of the new era of art and philosophy, that in Italian we call Rinascimento (rebirth).

After, we'll continue to the Michelangelo Sistine Chapel: you'll love the detailed story of the ceiling and its deep meaning. We'll end at the Basilica of St.Peter (if open).

In case of a cerimony or a mass in the Basilica, we'll see the Picture Gallery with amazing masterpeices of Giotto and Caravaggio

If not interested in the visit of the Basilica we can schedule the tour on Wednesday morning, when the Vatican it's less crowded..


the Basilica of St. Peter is a working Church so is often closed without notice for special events or cerimonies. In case of an unplanned closure  we'll visit the New Wing or the Art Gallery.

- Follow the dress code(kids, men and women)
--> Knees and shoulders must be covered 

Vatican City- Extensive tour

Vatican Museums, Rooms of Raphael, Sistine Chapel + St. Peter Basilica

4 hours  

(timing may change depending from your interest and pace)


(price per group not per person)

20€ - prepaid admission tickets for the Vatican Museums (not included)

RAIN POLICY: This tour is provided even in case of rain. We'll use umbrellas and raincoats. 

Tour is totally indoor. 

Vatican Museums main entrance, Viale Vaticano.

Details will be provided at the moment of the booking.