Exclusive daytrip to Tivoli (transportation included)

In this chauffeured tour we'll spend a day visiting the Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este in Tivoli.
In the 2nd century AD, the Roman Emperor Hadrian built a wonderful Villa and he spent years here, when not travelling around the Empire. We'll see ancient domes, baths, mosaics and the Maritime Theater (his private retreat).
After a nice lunch in a panoramic restaurant in the old town of Tivoli, we'll be ready for the visit of Villa d'Este.
The Villa was built for the Cardinal Ippolito d'Este (Governor of Tivoli from 1550) and is famous for its terraced Gardens. Walking up and down ramps and stairways you admire the gardens and its five hundred jets in fountains, pools and waterfalls.

--> Private driver at your service for the entire day. If not interested in both villas, send me a message.
We can do a morning tour in one site only.

--> Presence of ramps and steep steps. Floors are bumpy and uneven. It's a very tiring tour if you have bad knees or hips too. 

11. Daytrip to Tivoli (transportation included)

Daytrip to Tivoli. Visit of the archaeological park  of Hadrian's Villa and the Gardens of Villa d'Este. Pick up and drop off at your hotel.

7 hours (tour, lunch, ride by car)
Timing might vary according to the traffic and the villas' schedule.

from 600€ (price per group not per person)

16€ - admission tickets (not included)

RAIN POLICY: This tour is provided even in case of rain. We'll use umbrellas and raincoats.  Tour is totally outdoor. 

At your hotel