Circus Maximus and Velabrum

According to the legend, during his journeys around the Mediterrean Sea, the Greek demigod Hercules landed in a wild land, a swampy region called Velabrum in proximity to the Tiber River (in the area of the future Rome).

In this walking tour we'll follow the footstep of Hercules , the first tourist in Rome. we'll start discovering the newly opened excavations of the Circus Maximus.

Admiring the shrine of Hercules Victor (the so-called temple of Vesta), the Temple of Portunus and the Shrines of Forum Olitorio, we'll talk about local gods and goddesses and their strange rituals.

we'll visit the narrow undergrounds underneath the Basilica of San Nicola In carcere and the Ara (altar) of Hercules in Santa Maria of Cosmedin.

if you are brave enought...we can line to put our hand in the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of truth): according to a legend, this marble disc is a lie-detector monster ready to chop your hand off, if you're a lier.

9. Circus Maximus and Velabrum: in the footsteps of Hercules

Walking tour : Circus Maximus, Shrines of Forum Boarium,
Bocca Verità, Forum Holitorium 

 3 hours  
(timing may change depending from your interest and pace)

150€ (price per group not per person)

5€ - admission tickets for the Circus Maximus (not included)

RAIN POLICY: This tour is provided even in case of rain. We'll use umbrellas and raincoats. 

Tour is totally outdoor.

At the Circo Massimo subway exit.  

Details will be provided at the moment of the booking.