Marisa Ficorella, Archaeologist and Qualified Guide

Archaeological Walks

I've studied Archaeology at the University of Rome, and I' ve attended a post-degree diploma, as a Specialist in Roman Archaeology. 

During those years, I excavated in the Roman Forum, one of the best experience of my life!

I consider myself a strange fusion between a tour guide and an archaeologist ;)

Of course my specialty is the Roman History and Ancient Architecture.

To share my knowdlege and passion, I have created "Archaeological Walks", walking tours suggested for history lovers. 

Each tour is a journey through the ages to discover the history of the Roman Empire and its majestic shrines, with me as your guide, ready to reply to all your questions.

We can visit famous sites as the Colosseum or spend the day exploring hidden jems.  Archaeology is my life, and you'll see my passion throught my tours!


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1. Ancient Rome basic tour : 

Forum and Colosseum (3 hours)


2. Ancient Rome extensive tour 

Forum, Colosseum and Palatine Hill (4 hours)


3. Roman Forum and Palatine Hill 

Forum, Palatine Hill and the Museum


4. Imperial Rome 

Ancient Rome+Underground site or Baths of Caracalla (fullday)


5. Underground Rome 

San Clemente and Roman Houses on the Caelian Hill (3 hours)


6. Daily life in the Ancient Rome 

Baths of Caracalla, Roman Houses on the Caelian Hill (3 hours)


7. Campus Martius walking tour

Pantheon, Largo Argentina, Ara Pacis and more (3 hours)


8. Walking with the Emperors

Markets of Trajan and the Imperial Fora


9. Circus Maximus and Velabrum

In the footsteps of Hercules: Circus Maximus, Forum Boarium Bocca Verità

10. Daytrip to Ancient Ostia 

Discover the "small Pompeii" by train. Private driver + car on request


11. Exclusive daytrip to Tivoli (transportation included)
the archaeological site of Hadrian's Villa and fountains of Villa d'Este (7 hours)